An unforgettable haven


There is nowhere quite like Mara Bushtops.

From the comfort and privacy of vast decked tents, our guests gaze out over a private conservancy and constant procession of wildlife. Fully reconnected, they relax in perfect contentment, looking forward to glorious safaris, fine dining and world-class pampering.

1-2 Guests

Our tents

Bushtops tents are simply extraordinary. We spared no expense in creating them, making each a destination in its own right.

Opening on three sides, our 12 fabulously appointed tents are named after the wildlife which can be seen wandering past the Camp (or sometimes through it).

Bounded by more than a hundred square metres of private wooden decking, these tents are places to rest, enjoy a private meal, dream in a hot tub or simply relax under a canvas canopy – with views no hotel could hope to match.

  • Panoramic views
  • Huge wooden deck with hot tub
  • Bushtops signature bedding
  • 24 hour butler service, power and wi-fi
  • Indoor and outdoor showers

Up to 6 guests

Leopard suite

Leopard is our most magnificent creation, overlooking Mara Bushtops’ famous salt lick and its wildlife. The suite’s central lounge connects two bedrooms, each with its own bathroom. By adding a bed to each room, Leopard can accommodate a family of six in glorious style.

The lounge is a shared space, ideal for an afternoon siesta, game or magic moment – inspired perhaps by the suite’s fireplace, floral display, wine wall and mini bar.

At Bushtops we always look to add experiences beyond expectations. Leopard does just that.

  • Salt lick view
  • Huge wooden deck with hot tub
  • Bushtops signature bedding
  • 24 hour butler service, power and wi-fi
  • Wine wall and mini bar
  • Outdoor fireplace

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The animals and wild landscapes of the Maasai Mara are still the star, but only just. They’re almost eclipsed by this classy, relaxing hillside retreat.
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