People always ask us for the best time to visit. One of the great pleasures of life at Serengeti Bushtops is being able to provide a superb Serengeti wildlife spectacle all year round. Alongside the high drama of the migration, we play host to an abundance of resident animals.

Some people like to come in the high season, from June to November, to see the huge herds. Some come in February or March, to watch the Topis arrive from the Masai Mara to give birth. Others come in between, knowing that whenever they arrive, there will always be animals out in the bush, getting on with life.

Many people actively prefer to come to Tanzania out of season, to watch the world go by without competition from other visitors. Their expeditions always prove fruitful, as they spot wildlife hidden among the granite outcrops which dot the plains. These are known as kopjes, which is Dutch for ‘little head’.

The Serengeti’s short-grass southern plains (in Masai, ‘Siringet’ means endless plains) are also interspersed with acacia, riverine bush and forests in the north.

The kopjes provide shelter and rainwater pools, making them a favoured place for the cats (lions, leopards and cheetahs) and dogs (hyenas, wild dogs and jackals) of the Serengeti. In addition, the rocky hills, rivers and woodlands surrounding our camp play host to elephants and buffaloes, waterbucks and hippos, crocodiles and giraffes, eland and … well, the list goes on, even if the animals stay put.

A cornucopia of Serengeti wildlife

Although every day is different, you will see a cornucopia of wildlife, from herds of elephant to masses of buffalo, charging wildebeest and curious antelope, zebras and (almost certainly) lions.

Then there’s the constant kaleidoscope of bird life, with vultures, goshawks and eagles soaring past secretary birds, sandgrouse and plovers, bustards and an array of fabulously-coloured smaller birds. Your heart can hardly fail to leap at the plumage of a starling or the glimpse of a kingfisher, the flight of a love bird or the call of a shrike.

And we haven’t even mentioned the extraordinary reptiles, insects and – of course – the stunning landscapes, which make this place so amazing.

We may be biased, but we think Serengeti Bushtops could not be better located for game viewing.

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Guest Comments from TripAdvisor

A True Safari Feel

“You really get a true safari feel with the open-sided vehicles.”

Sunny, USA