At Bushtops we believe in many things: the pursuit of the perfect holiday, the glory of nature and our debt to the planet among them. We are also convinced our relation to our environment is like an oxpecker’s to a buffalo: as long as we help each other, we will both benefit. That is why we employ local people on mutually beneficial and farsighted terms, respecting local ways, whilst nurturing a balanced ecosystem in our corner of the Serengeti.

In welcoming our many guests, we manage local resources – such as water, energy and waste – with the greatest of care.

This good stewardship is the key to our long-term future.

Renewable Power

The camp benefits from uninterrupted power, produced as sustainably as possible. This entails using solar electrical panels to generate power, with a generator kicking in to give us a back-up supply; the generator can run between three and eight hours a day, but large batteries store the charge when not needed or when the camp is empty. To conserve energy we use the latest low-wattage LED bulbs throughout the camp.

Sustainable water supply

Our water is pumped on demand from a borehole linked to the camp by underground pipes. Each tent’s hot tub is supplied with hot water from its own 300 litre solar heater, sited behind the tent and painted jungle green to ensure it is as unobtrusive as it is effective. On the rare occasions when the sun proves insufficient, electrical systems are used to generate additional heat.

Clean Disposal Systems & Recycling

We dispose of spent ‘grey water’ via a specially-designed Tanapa-approved French drainage system in which underground aggregates filter the water before it enters the ground water. Anaerobic bacteria in septic tanks break down solids.

Glass, tins and plastics are sorted and returned to Arusha for recycling with the weekly delivery.

Supporting the local economy

We buy fresh vegetables from local farmers and plan to create a vegetable garden in the local village (we are not allowed to grow non-indigenous plants in the park itself).