Other Celebrations

These days, a lot of people have the word ‘Safari’ on their bucket-list of things they simply must do. It would be a shame to make such an exciting commitment then fail to choose the world’s best formula. Forgive our self-confidence, but we really think that bucket-list item should read specifically ‘visit Mara Bushtops’, not just any old safari. Browse this site then talk to us and we’ll hope to make an unarguable case!

A birthday is always called a ‘special day’, but why restrict it to one day? Celebrate an 18th or 80th – and anything in between – with an endless series of special moments at Mara Bushtops.

Whether it is your first or fiftieth year of marriage, or simply a red letter day commemorating the past, we can tailor the unique wonders of Bushtops to create a great way to mark the occasion. Just let us know a bit of background and we promise to make your anniversary safari a lifetime highlight.

Special occasions at Mara Bushtops

Renewal of Vows
Renewing your vows is a wonderful idea – and Bushtops is just the place to make it especially magical. Talk to us about what you’d like and we will stage the perfect ceremony.

Family gatherings and reunions
The best family or social events combine time together with time apart, in a fabulous location, with loads to do. We truly cannot think of a better place for all the family to enjoy stunning wildlife adventures, luxurious relaxation and fantastic food and drink. Share your plans and we’ll tailor-make your programme.

“All that hard work – and now it’s paid off. How should we celebrate?” A trip to Mara Bushtops provides the answer. If your son or daughter, nephew or niece is about to make the move from student to work, ease the transition with a few days’ celebration in tented splendour, under the wide open skies of Kenya’s finest safari destination.