Starting married life, on safari

Whether you tie the knot on site or join us after your wedding, we’re convinced that Mara Bushtops is the perfect destination from which to start the biggest adventure of your life!

All our guests enjoy Wild Luxury, but we make sure you receive extra-special attention on your safari honeymoon. As a newly-married couple, we treat you like royalty, assigning you to our specially-appointed honeymooner tent, where a bottle of bubbly awaits you. A private bush breakfast adds yet another memorable moment.

We recommend you stay at least four nights to make the smooth transition from engagement to coupledom, united in marital bliss!

An African safari honeymoon

A honeymoon in Africa creates memories that will last for ever. It forms the perfect backdrop to recollections of your special day, but also a wonderful escape into a whole new reality.

Some newlyweds choose to bring their immediate family, creating a stunning follow-up to the wedding day, but most couples bask in their own company, loving the peaceful contrast to their recent group celebration.

Here amidst the rolling hills they find a haven of tranquillity in which to relax, let the world go by, and quietly begin planning a lifetime ahead. The wonders of the Masai Mara and our own Conservancy lie all around, with ample time to rest and relax in your tent, or make use of our beautifully-appointed facilities.

Naturally we lavish extra-special attention on newly-married couples, sharing the joy of a new life partnership. We know that choosing Bushtops is a huge compliment, so all our efforts go into making ourselves worthy of that honour.

So as you head out on safari, take a dip in the pool or visit our award-winning Amani Spa, our job is simple: to ensure you have the time of your lives!

Learn more from our Mara Bushtops wedding safari brochure.

Marital Bliss

We recommend you stay at least four nights to make the smooth transition from single person to marital bliss.

  • Honeymooner tent
  • Something sparklingly-special, bubbly and thirst-quenching on arrival
  • Private Bush breakfast