One of the unusual aspects of Mara Bushtops and owning our own Conservancy is being able to arrange Night Drives. When the sun sets, nature shuffles its deck, revealing new players and dramas under moonlit skies.

The lights of our 4x4s may pick out the eyes of a spring hare bounding like a kangaroo, or the loping figure of a hunter bearing down on a herd of impala. A night drive is a wonderful opportunity to spot a lion, leopard or buffalo, a silver backed jackal, hyena or banded mongoose.

Masai spotters know where to look and seem able to see in the dark, aided by night torches. Our specially converted car is equipped with a heat-seeking night-vision camera, known as a ‘flir’, whose infra-red images are relayed to screens on the seatbacks ahead of you. This adds a new, unexpected dimension to game viewing – and another way in which we aim to surprise and delight our guests.

Guest Comments from TripAdvisor

Just Fabulous

Aside from the fact that you can see the animals from your bed, there is a hot tub on your deck, which is filled for you so it is ready when you get back from a long day on safari, drinks and nibbles at the ready too, and you have a masai warrior to escort you from your ‘tent’ after dark, they put a hot water bottle in your bed at night

Jenni Fluff. Essex, United Kingdom