We never cease to be amazed by the abudant Masai Mara wildlife – a never-ending showcase for untamed nature. Whenever you visit, thousands of predators maintain their timeless hunt for millions of prey. The endless horizons remain a beauteous backdrop throughout the year.

Our guests revel in the constants of the Bush: gazelles feeding in skittish flocks; lions coughing round the camp; hippos bathing in the rivers; topis gazing and grazing from kopje high points; giraffe billowing across the horizon; or simply a porcupine shuffling about its business.

With some 450 bird species to spot, the chance to see a Paradise Flycatcher or Purple Grenadier is matched by endless possibilities. The crocodiles have been with us since the age of the dinosaurs, so we can guarantee they’re heating up on a bank near you. Sometimes it is the smaller sights which bring the greatest delight: a family of dwarf mongoose; a bright green chameleon crossing in front of a leopard tortoise; or even a dung beetle taking on the challenge left by an elephant!

Enjoy the wildlife of the Masai Mara from our own conservancy

Masai Mara’s terrain is primarily open grassland, interspersed by seasonal rivulets. The density of wildlife is greater in this smaller park; consequently there are more people and vehicles than you would find in the Serengeti. The wonders of Kenya’s Mara are complemented by the wildlife found in the Mara Bushtops conservancy.

The huge advantage of the latter is that you can watch our local carnival of the animals whilst reclining on your tent bed, peering through your deck telescope or sitting at our restaurant overlooking the salt lick. Whatever you see and however it is encountered, one thing is likely to remain a constant: the happy smile, plastered across your face.

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Thousands of Predators