The highpoint of the annual calendar is undoubtedly the great migration, when wildebeest and zebra herds create a wonder of the natural world.

As vast numbers move in search of pastures new, their timing and precise route cannot be guaranteed. Both change, year on year. Nature will not be dictated to!

However, the move north usually takes place between June and October, as the herds travel from the Serengeti into the Mara to breed and crop the rich pastures. Then, at some time around late October, they return, following Africa’s eternal circle of life.

The Great Migration at Mara Bushtops

During the great migration, we track the activities of the wildebeest and zebra daily, to predict when and where they might attempt the famous river crossing. Nothing compares to the heady rush of a million large herbivores, as they attempt to pass the snapping jaws of waiting crocodiles. Yet even without a grandstand view of the crossing, simply following the herds is an extraordinary experience – and the highlight of any African adventure.

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An Unforgettable Sight