Every day in the Masai Mara is different. Each of our game drives is an adventure into the unknown. We recommend staying with us for at least four days (three nights) to ensure you absorb as much game viewing as you can, balanced with relaxation in camp.

We’d love to guarantee you’ll see the big five. We’re confident you will spot lions, buffalo and elephants, often in great numbers. Leopards and rhino can be shy, but we do all in our power to seek them out. The secret is to make sure you take part in at least one early morning game drive, one full day game drive and an evening game drive (a night drive is a bonus!). The knowledge of our rangers and the sharp eyes of Masai spotters will do the rest.

Early Morning Game Drives

If you start first thing in the morning, you are likely to find the Mara at its most active. With the sun rising at around 6.00 am, this means an early start to your day. The reward is likely to be sight of predators who avoid the heat: additional attractions include subtle light on the landscape and the joyous sounds of awakening birds. Having been fortified with coffee and tea, you return for a hearty breakfast at the camp after 9.00 am.

  • The best time to see wildlife
  • Witness a whole new aspect of the Mara
  • An ideal start to the day

Full Day Game Drives

Full day game drives depart at 7.00 am, with your 4×4 fully-equipped to cross the Mara plains in search of game. At 1800 metres above sea level it can get cold before the sun rises fully, so we provide blankets and hot water bottles to keep you warm.

By midday it can become very hot indeed and sun-block lotion and hats are advised. Lunch is served under the shade of an Acacia tree or overlooking the snorting hippos which wallow in the Mara River.

As the afternoon draws to a close and the temperature cools, the shadows lengthen and the Bush changes once more. Evening sightings of rhino are not uncommon on the way back to camp. Even a bad day is a good day in the Mara, since undoubtedly you will have encountered vistas, flora and fauna new to you. Each can be revisited in the memory as you sink into your welcoming hot tub back at your tent.

  • A full day on safari
  • Lunch in the heart of the Masai Mara
  • Return for a soak in your hot tub

Evening Game Drives

At around 4.30pm, we like to explore our own Conservancy, as the cooling temperature brings out the predators. Lion-kills are often fought over by packs of hyenas, jackals and other scavengers. Yet these life and death scenes are juxtaposed with the impossible beauties of the African sunset, as nature’s ever-changing palette streaks the sky with orange, red and gold.

Anticipating sunset, your guide will have stopped to prepare sundowners, with a wide choice of drinks. Clasp your favourite, ease back in your chair, and watch light shift to dark, heat give way to the chill, and another day at Mara Bushtops fade towards a close.

  • Explore our Conservancy as day gives way to night
  • Witness the arrival of the night’s predators
  • Enjoy a sundowner as the sun sinks below the horizon

Guest Comments from TripAdvisor

I Saw Things I Never Expected to See

“I saw things that I never expected to see – including black rhino, a cheetah preparing to hunt, lion cubs and so much more.”

Vanessa, Malaysia

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