In welcoming our many guests, we manage local resources – such as water, energy and waste – with the greatest of care.

Energy Conservation

To minimise the use of fossil fuels, we have installed 32 photovoltaic solar panels and a large bank of special batteries. On an average day, this generates enough power to run the whole camp for approximately 20 hours. A back-up generator starts automatically when needed, to ensure seamless, continuous comfort for our guests.

Eight large solar heater panels keep water at 60°C during the day, providing hot water to our main building, all twelve tents and their hot tubs. On cloudy days, a wood-burning heater supplements the panels, with our specially-planted woodland area of fast-growing indigenous trees providing a sustainable source of firewood.

Waste Reduction

To fight packaging waste, we buy our supplies in bulk and transport fresh vegetables from the market in reusable boxes. Sugar, butter, jam and honey are served in small bowls and dishes rather than wasteful individual packs. All our biodegradable waste is composted, whilst non-biodegradable but recyclable waste is sent to Nairobi to be processed.

We are planning how to turn our wood burner into an incinerator/burner, generating hot water from waste which cannot be recycled.

Community Programme

In discussion with village elders, we have established protected areas, management plans and a Conservancy code of conduct. We lease and maintain the Conservancy in a way which balances cattle grazing needs with wildlife preservation. These farsighted efforts have enabled the Masai to maintain their traditions but expand beyond livestock herding, generating new income. Wildlife has benefited from more secure grazing and breeding areas, through greater numbers of predators and prey alike.

The rent we pay to the community for use of Mara Bushtops’ land helps maintain livelihoods, as does the employment we provide. Extra revenue from the Conservancy is used to fund community healthcare and education projects. We have also built a dam, providing water for livestock in the dry season.

This ensures the camp provides a luxury safari experience perfectly in tune with its surroundings.