You cannot deliver luxury without superb service. This is why we work so hard to find and train the most personable, efficient staff to look after our guests. When we find them, we make them part of the family – treating them with the respect we extend to every aspect of running Bushtops.

This may explain why Mara Bushtops service has become a byword for excellence. It taps into the natural sincerity and warmth that unites Kenyans. People revisit us for many reasons: one is the friendliness of our staff. Another is their excellence. To maintain such standards, we were the very first company in Kenya to sign up to Lobster Ink, a hospitality education programme. This enables our staff to study online, achieve diplomas and be rewarded for their success.

Guest Comments from TripAdvisor

Exquisite Customer Service

“We have never experienced such exquisite customer service.”

Emma, UK