Ebola: the (reassuring) facts

Understandably, media reports about Ebola have frightened many travellers. Unfortunately, the fact that there is no quantifiable risk of contracting Ebola on a visit to East Africa has been lost in the coverage. Here are a few facts which should put your mind at rest:

  1. Our safari destinations are much further from the Ebola outbreak than Los Angeles is from New York. In fact the affected countries (Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Nigeria) are closer to London and Paris than they are to Kenya or Tanzania.
  2. There are no cases of Ebola anywhere near southern or east Africa.
  3. Ebola is not transmitted through the air: it can only be caught through direct contact with an infected person or dead body. Simply washing with soap destroys the virus, which tends to be transmitted late in the disease or after death to those in close contact with patients.
  4. The World Health Organisation does not support travel bans to affected countries, nor does it believe travel hubs are at risk.

Please don’t let fear get in the way of the facts about Ebola: it has nothing to do with East Africa.

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